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Stanka Amon She was born 19th February 1951 in Cetinje.

When she was still a child, her family moved to Belgrade where she completed the ‘P.P. Njegos’ grade school.

Later on, life’s strange paths took her to Germany. There, she finished a course for a hairdresser followed by the Civil Engineering Academy in Frankfurt on Maine, where she still lives and works today.

As a child, she used to engage herself in drawing, reading and poetry. Her poems were published even during her childhood in the Belgrade magazines for children.

Now, when she has more time for herself, Ms. Raickovic returns to the demands of her spirit. In 2007 she published her first poetry book THE SPARK OF FIRE. She writes poetry, prose essays and aphorisms.

Ms. Raickovic is a member of the following institutions:


  • Association of Literary Authors ‘Number Seven’ in Frankfurt on Maine
  • Association of Literary Authors from Serbia and Abroad (SKOR) in Belgrade.


Ms. Raickovic was featured in following publications:


  • Magazines of the ‘Number Seven’ Association
  • A Book of Poems ‘THE RETURN’ by Expatriates from Montenegro – editor Milutin Đurkovic
  • Magazine ‘Yesenin’ – Belgrade


Collections of Poems:


  • Cukarica 2008 – Belgrade
  • ‘Seagull from Palic’ 2009
  • ‘Rudnicka vrela’ 2009
  • ‘Garavi sokak’ 2009




  • Second place – Gathering of Poets in May, 2007, Frankfurt/M
  • First place – ‘Zlatni orfej’ 2008 for the Meeting of Poets in Frankfurt/M – poetry written in the Serbian language
  • First place – Gathering of Poets in May, 2008, Frankfurt/M – poetry written in the German language
  • ‘Blue Medal’ – acknowledgement for patriotism, Palic 2009
  • First place – prose for children 2009 – Cultural Meetings No. 23 in Frankfurt/M
  • Praises for the poem ‘Moment’ written in German – May Gathering of Poets 2009, Frankfurt/M

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