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Poets from all European countries are invited to participate in the third EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL which will take place on the 3rd and the 4th of March 2012 in Master Hall of Novi Sad Fair, during the 18th  International Book Fair. The festival is organized by Banat’s Cultural Center (BKC) and Novi Sad Fair.

EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL wants to prove that poetry is an universal creation of human spirit which does not recognize borders and barriers among poets, nations, countries and languages.

The aim of the festival is the gathering of the poets who cooperate on Facebook (by publishing their poems, reading and commenting on each other’s poetry), and we want them  to meet, to get to know each other in person at the Festival, to hear each other reciting their verses and transform their virtual literary communication into communication in the real world. If anyone is unable to attend, they can still participate at the Festival by posting their poems on the wall of the Festival’s Facebook profile: European Facebook Poetry Festival. This profile will be featured in a video beam projection at the BKC stand and there will be shown photos of the Festival’s participants.

EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL will be broadcasted live by a web camera on the internet address and in this way it will be available for viewing for the poets who cannot attend it in person, and for audiences around the world.

All the people who write poetry, regardless of their age, gender, religion, nationality or profession have the right to participate at the festival.

How to register: Send one unpublished poem written in your mother tongue and your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number) on the following email address: The deadline for submission is the 20th of February. We kindly ask the poets to state in their application whether they will be attending the festival or taking part via Facebook. The poets’ participation schedule for the 3rd  and  4th of March  and the exact program of the Festival will be announced in due time.

The poems sent in applications will be published by BKC in an anthology (festival participants’ poems) in an electronic edition, on CD.  The BKC’s jury (Simon Grabovac, Franja Petrinović, MilošLatinović, Goran Ibrajter and Radovan Vlahović) will follow the Festival’s progress and award the author of the best poem with a publication of her/his  new book of poetry (not more than 48 pages). The publisher will be BKC, and the other participants will receive letters of thanks and 10% discount should they choose BKC as their publisher.

The festival progam will consist of time periods for the presentations of participant poets; the promotion of the anthology of the poems of all last year’s Festival participants (the anthology is published by BKC as an electronic edition on CD); a promotion of the book co-authored by last year’s winners Ines Perusko Rihtar from Zagreb and Vesna Konc Marjanovic from Subotica, which will come out in print; and the promotion of the second prize winners` book (Jelena M. Ciric from Prague, Mitka Gogova from Paris, and Maja Korolija from Pazova), which will come out as the electronic edition, on CD, and the promotions of other BKC  publications. The festival organizers are going to introduce a novelity this year- each year the authors from one European country are going to be special guests and they will read their poems in their mother tongue. This year, special guests are from Germany, and they are: Peter Zwey, Adi Hubel, Ilse Hehn, Dietmar Herzog and Marco Kerler. During Festival`s accompanying programs, the translation of Branko Miljkovic`s entire poetic work into German, Vergeblich ich sie wecke/ I wake her in vain,  which was translated by Johan Lavudi and published by BKC as a bilingual, German-Serbian edition, on the 50th anniversary of the death of Branko Miljkovic, one of the greatest Serbian postwar poets.

Approximately 250 poets  from 20 countries and  almost 100 cities applied for the first and the second EUROPEAN FACEBOOK POETRY FESTIVAL  that took place at The Book Fair in NoviSad and about 150 poets  made an appearance at the Festival, while others participated via Facebook.

For all information call +381 (0) 23/781 – 552, or send your questions to an email address:

We hope that many of you will take part in the Festival. Until then, best regards from Banat’s Cultural Center from Novo Miloševo and Novi Sad Fair.

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